helloShortly after starting her first teaching job, as a kindergarten teacher in a downtown Phoenix school located near one of many refugee relocation
centers, our daughter posted on Facebook: “I teach in four languages every day: English, Spanish, Burmese and Love!”

Well, you can imagine we “liked” that comment right away.

Ashley graduated from college in December and immediately landed her first teaching job at a low-income public school in Phoenix. She has 24 kids from at least four countries and three continents. Of course, we're proud of her, but watching her shepherd her own “flock” has gotten us thinking.

Whenever we work with kids, our primary language ought to be “love.” It’s really the only language that all understand! In fact, it’s God’s primary language, isn’t it? While we aren’t all good “teachers” in this language, we all listen to love pretty well! And it is the best medium for the most important messages!

A couple of months later, Ashley texted us this message: “I’ve decided that my profession is not teaching. It is advocating for children.”

Great thought! One that gets below the surface.

What about you? Whether you are a public school teacher, a children’s pastor or director, a Sunday school teacher, a parent, a grandparent, or just a follower of Christ:

What is your primary “teaching language?”

What is your “real” profession/avocation?

Do the kids in your world see you as their champion?

Do they “like” the message you post on their hearts each day?