As the short-term team leader for the Honduras trip, I am excited to share this story with you. Kendra joined the trip and impacted the lives of many--in-country and on the team. I'll let her share in her own words.

“I was happier than I have ever been in the worst conditions I've ever experienceKendra-Hondurasd. At age 16, I embarked on my very first missions trip to Honduras through KidZ at Heart.

"I had a lot of help raising support and preparing for the trip. I was still very nervous, but I felt a pull on my heart from God and knew it was what he wanted me to do.

"As soon as we headed for the airport, we experienced challenges—from flat tires to canceled flights—that very easily could have distracted us from God’s purpose. These challenges would have dampened my experience had it not been for my encouraging team members.

"During this trip I presented KidZ at Heart training in workshops to about 100 leaders and saw the people of Honduras so excited to learn. Although I am young and not as experienced as some, they listened and smiled as I equipped them to reach local children. I was astonished by their faith in God in the face of poverty and struggles. The people we met have so little, but they have such happiness in the simple things. Americans do not know how good we really have it; we should be happy we have God and family. We should stop stressing so much about everything and know that God will provide us with what we need.

"In Honduras it was hot and humid; bugs were everywhere since it was rainy season. We didn't have hot showers, and most of our stomachs went crazy. But I really didn't care. I let the joy of knowing I was helping someone come closer to God and building a new home for a family fill my heart and fuel me every day.

"During our debriefing towards the end of our trip, I realized why God wanted me to go to Honduras. He wanted me to see his purpose for me. Because it was only my first trip, you might say I don't know enough about missionary work to grasp that. But I feel in my heart that I am right. Going to Honduras was God pushing the first metaphoric domino in my life.

"Missionary work glorifies God, makes me happier than I have ever been in the worst conditions I've been in, and will help hundreds or even thousands of people in a variety of different ways. I've always admired missionaries for their sacrifices and hope I can do the same for God and people all over the world. In the San Pedro Sula Airport, I said goodbye to our driver with tears, but the people of Honduras will always be in my heart and a vital part in me finding God’s purpose for my life. I want to thank everyone from KidZ at Heart for this great experience."

Kendra, age 16, Ohio

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