For the past four years, you have heard us talk about KAHLA, KidZ at Heart Leadership Advocates, a strategy to partner with local leaders in key regions of the world to train and certify children’s ministry workers. Now we’d like to share about exciting new developments and a new name.

It all began with a “listening group” in Kampala, Uganda, in late 2011. A group of over 70 Ugandan church, civic, and children’s ministry leaders shared their hearts for children and their vision for mobilizing more trained workers to address the needs of the next generation. As KidZ at Heart responded with training programs in key regions of the world, we continued to listen and KAHLA took life.

We have heard that more needs to be done. To address the broader needs of training, we are renaming and expanding KAHLA. The “KidZ Ministry Certification Program” (our new name) will now offer three levels of training leading to certification. Entry-level participants may pursue a KidZ Ministry Teacher Certificate. Those who successfully complete this certificate may continue on for a Leader Certificate. The truly committed can add to the first two a Trainer Certificate.

Each certification program is based on the best principles of transformational ministry for both student and teacher or parent. Participants learn to allow the Holy Spirit to be the teacher in their own lives, even as they prepare lessons that do the same for their children. Each program requires approximately 40 hours of instruction, practical homework projects, and small group participation.

To ensure that the KidZ Ministry Training Program is culturally appropriate for each region and carries a distinction that will advance the impact of the leaders who graduate, KidZ has established partnerships with key organizations and accredited universities in each region.

  • In South Africa, Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa partners with us for the 15 countries of the southern African continent. Our combined materials are now entering review to be accredited by an adult education agency of the South African government.
  • In Uganda, Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) and the national denominational leaders are now instituting the KidZ Ministry Certification Program. Certificates are offered via weekend courses or week-long conferences based on participants’ availability.
  • In El Salvador, the Evangelical University of El Salvador offers the KidZ Ministry Certification Program over a series of Saturday mornings.

This summer, KidZ at Heart will send trainers and key staff members to prepare a new round of trainers for the KidZ Ministry Certification Program.

  • In Moeketsi, South Africa, we will prepare a new team of trainers as we offer portions of the Trainer Certification and open a new region.
  • In Johannesburg, South Africa, we will prepare our Walk Thru the Bible team to replicate all three Certification programs. We will also meet with leaders who are re-certifying adult education in South Africa and considering KidZ materials.
  • In Kampala, Uganda, we will present two tracks and certify KidZ Ministry Teachers and KidZ Ministry Trainers with our partner, Kampala Evangelical School of Theology. A network of trainers will be equipped to take programs throughout their denominations.

Please ask God if you should go along with us! For more details, contact me.