One of the earliest members of the KidZ at Heart support team was named Bill. He attended our home church, and due to health restrictions, we didn’t get to see this wheelchair-bound saint very often before he went home to the Lord not too long ago.

Every time we did see him, his face would light up and he would reach his hand out to greet us. He would always say the same thing, “I’m so glad you can go, because I can’t. I pray for you every day. I’m sorry I can’t give more money.” Bill faithfully sent $5 every month for many, many years, and when he passed away, he left a HUGE hole in the support team in every way. (I choose to believe that Bill is continuing to pray for KidZ at Heart daily, but now face-to-face with Jesus.)

While a handful of churches support KidZ at Heart financially, the vast majority of our funding comes from small, monthly donors like Bill, who give generously of what God has given them in order to impact children globally.

KidZ at Heart has grown phenomenally over the past few years, now including a staff of 25 individuals working from eight states and five countries, a growing number of international partnerships, and short-term teams working in more than 30 countries around the world. This exciting ministry is training and encouraging thousands of children’s ministry leaders annually, and in turn, these men and women are touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of children for Jesus. But there is so much more work to do and so much growth coming.

Over the years, we’ve learned to enjoy raising funds for ministry because of our experiences with people like Bill. And we have heard the same message from others who simply aren’t “called” to go, they have a joy knowing that they are a conduit of God’s blessings. We wouldn’t totally understand this joy, if we didn’t also give monthly to several ministries. We know ourselves how much regular monthly giving has connected our hearts (and minds) with the ministries we give to regularly. (And, yes, we too give monthly to KidZ at Heart, and all of our board members give regularly, too!)

During the month of September, we are firming up our financial health and to make more heart-connections with people like you by seeking to double the number of monthly donors to the work of KidZ at Heart. So we have a very straightforward and frank question for you:

If you already give to KidZ at Heart monthly, would you use September to share with a friend about your heart-connection with the work of reaching 2.3 billion kids for Jesus? Invite your friend to join in the cause on a monthly basis. Read more and share.

If you do not give to KidZ at Heart monthly, would you consider starting today? Like Bill, $5 per month and regular prayer support would be a huge blessing. Of course, for most of us, we can do even more. We give “only what comes from his hand.” Read more and give.

But that’s between you and God. We ask, you pray, God directs. It’s a great partnership.