San Isidro, Honduras, was a new location for our team to begin training this year. Not knowing what to expect always presents a bit of a challenge in a new location. Our driver, Ever, had accompanied our team last year, soaking in all that we were teaching at each location and even spending extra time with our team as the crew leader while we built a home for a Honduran family. His request as we left last year was, “Could you please bring a team to train the leaders and teachers in our community?”

san-isidro-honduras-trainingWe were able to make the arrangements for that to happen this summer, training 37 people from three different communities in his area. Ever and his pastor invested great time to cover all the arrangements.

The first day, we taught them how to engage children in the lesson and how to use an attention-getting signal to get them all focused again for teaching. As we pulled into the training center the second day, they greeted us by using the attention-getting signal to welcome us!

Afterwards, they shared with us that they appreciated learning that signal, so they could have an easy way to draw the kids’ attention back after an activity. Some were pleased to learn how children could pray and even begin a lifetime friendship with Jesus. Previously they focused the salvation message primarily to teens and adults. Even though the electrical lights went out on our final day of training in San Isidro, the spiritual lights burned more brightly.