We fondly remember our first KidZ at Heart trip almost 15 years ago. Like any good short-term trip, food experiences were a memorable highlight! We got to eat grasshoppers in Uganda and kudu and ostrich in South Africa – all on the same trip.

But far more memorable were the people. We noticed as we led the first training in Kampala, Uganda, that the young adults who attended were writing down every word we said! Talk about humbling. We felt a weight of responsibility to get it right for people who were so hungry to learn and so appreciative of us for coming!

When we got to South Africa, we were still asking if children’s ministry training was needed in this continent of Africa. When we met two women teaching 500 children in a tent all alone, we thought we might have found our answer! The adult service went for over seven hours while these two women work with toddlers to teens under a circus tent. One of the women confided in us by saying, “This is overwhelming.” (We didn’t tell her that the word we would have used was “scary.”)

Fifteen years later, we continue to learn from other cultures and to be amazed at the beauty of God’s people globally. Last summer, we were blessed to conduct training in Moldova, where we met 28 of the finest young adults we have ever trained. Here we learned from the translator, Marika, how to be better missions leaders. She asked us, “Don’t you want to spend the evening with the people you just trained.” “Of course, we do!” That conversation resulted in an evening walk together across the city hearing their stories, followed by a second evening of coffee and cookies in our “home” for the week where we worshipped together and found our hearts knitted in Jesus.

We’re still learning and we are still excited about every new opportunity. Never do we come home the same. God is always there before, during and after each trip, and he is faithful in continuing to mold us as we travel and meet his people.

We invite you to experience another culture with us via a KidZ at Heart short-term team.

  • Join our team to El Salvador. The two of us will be meeting with leaders in El Salvador this summer, and there are still a few spots left on our team.
  • Join another KidZ team. Several other locations are planned for later this year and early 2018. “Shop” for your trip here!
  • Assemble your own team. We can assist you as you assemble and lead your own team from your church. You can travel to and assist a missionary or church planter your church already supports. Our staff members will walk you through the process, equip you to use KidZ training materials, and do all the legwork to make your trip safe and effective.
  • License training materials. Some churches choose to take care of the details themselves, yet still utilize KidZ at Heart’s field-tested, proven effective training materials via a licensing agreement.

God’s people around the world are ready to build a relationship with you over Jesus and children. And there’s a place for you on a short-term team… whether you have never worked with kids or you are a children’s ministry veteran… if you are a skilled trainer or you like to support others in prayer and administrative roles.

You are invited!

Gordon & Becki