This winter marks the second time a KidZ at Heart team visited Nepal. Lee Ruud, our KidZ at Heart Project Leader for Nepal, led a team in January of 2016. But, Lee reports, this trip in March 2017 was bigger and better! “Instead of training only in Kathmandu, the team held trainings in two locations this year!” Giving a first-time training in Pokahara, they taught 63 new students there!

During the second training in Kathmandu, 16 of the 60 students who came on the first day were returning students from last year's KidZ KMEC in January 2016. The rest of the students were new—a group, Lee says, “we will hopefully call the Batch of 2017/2018—because we’ll need to come back next year to complete their training!”

“So when we come back to Nepal again next year, the Batch from Kathmandu who just finished Certification Program Modules 1-4 can receive Program Training for Modules 5-8 so that they can receive the KidZ Ministry Certification!” Does it sound like Lee is excited? This is a trainer’s dream come true!

But the best part, says Lee, is this: “The students are very active at the training. Their interactions show us that they are really understanding it! We are seeing what they learn bring transformation to their minds as they sit and talk with one another about the KidZ material!”

But wait. Let’s not forget Sagar! What was his amazing, perfect gift?

One day during training, when Sagar had lunch with Lee and the team, he told how he had received the Lord Jesus into his life only 3 years before! (Yes, that was the first perfect gift, but read on!) Son of a Hindu family who does not approve of his faith in Jesus Christ, he is following Jesus at all costs because the Lord has transformed his life!

He told us, “I did not attend the classes last year, but I heard you speak in my church.” He remembered seeing Lee there last January. When Sagar heard that there was going to be another KidZ Ministry Certification Program training for four days in his church he said, “I knew that this was the answer to my cry to God! My desire to be trained and equipped for the works of God among children is so strong. I was amazed that God was sending the KidZ at Heart Nepal Team to my church in Kathmandu again! I decided that no matter what, I would attend the KidZ Ministry Certification Program.” A college student, Sagar would awaken early enough to get ready to attend his college classes each day before he headed out to the KidZ Ministry Certification Program.

Sagar has received half of his “perfect gift” —and it’s up to us, the senders, to see that he receives the second half of the training, too. He is only one of the many participants who have conveyed their gratitude to the KidZ at Heart Nepal Team for coming to Kathmandu and giving this awesome opportunity to be trained and equipped with the KMCP!