The Vacation Bible School Director from our home church just stopped by the KidZ at Heart office to pick up her VBS starter kit. How that brought back fond memories from over three decades of VBS outreaches! Summer presents a terrific opportunity to cast vision for ministry to children, train new volunteers, and most importantly, reach kids from our neighborhoods for Christ!

While your Vacation Bible School might be a couple of months away, we know you’re still recruiting volunteers, researching nut-free snack options, and finding the best prices for 10 pallets of bouncy balls. We’ve been there! While KidZ at Heart doesn't do VBS events around the world, we agree that VBS is one of the best ways to impact the lives of children in your church and community.

Here are suggestions for maximizing this outreach event at your church:

Plan your follow up now. After the event, you will be too tired to creatively reach out to guests and follow-up with children who have made decisions. Plan ahead.

  • Ask your pastor for a time in church on the Sunday following VBS to have the children sing for the church body and their parents.
  • Schedule a special “reunion” for families to come back to church later in the summer for an evening of fun.
  • Host a “birthday party” for those who made decisions, invite parents, review the good news to which the children responded, and of course, serve cake!

Pick your tools carefully. If you need help selecting a VBS, our team of experienced children’s leaders is available. But what about your gospel presentation? We recommend having a different tool for each age level.

Let your kids reach other kids through your VBS Offering. Children want to help other children and the appropriate project can be meaningful to both churched and unchurched families. For example, every $23 your children raise will allow KidZ at Heart to train a teacher in another country and you can choose the country for your focus. We would love to give all of your families an online tool to teach their children about reaching children globally as our thank you for sponsoring KidZ at Heart through your VBS.

Stretch your budget by purchasing VBS supplies through KidZ at Heart. While the average VBS program reaches 150 children or more, if you purchase your starter kit and supplies through KidZ at Heart, you will save 10-15% on your curriculum budget and the funds will serve as an outreach to approximately 150 more children internationally. All proceeds of your purchase are used to equip teachers to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture.

Have a blast! Make this the best week of your church’s year. Gather fun adults and darling kids and then celebrate each day.

For His KidZ,

Gordon & Becki West