KidZ at Heart completed training events in both Zambia and South Africa in July 2017. The team traveled to a new location in Zambia and trained 55 teachers in Chipata, Zambia with Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Teacher Certificate as part of the KidZ Ministry Certification Program. Here are some of the quotes from participants in the training in Zambia:

“This training is one of the best, best of the best” – Chitamiso Zulu

“It has been a great value to me because it has changed my teaching capacity.” – Zulu Gift

“It’s a great training which helps us to look at the challenges we are facing and the way forward. Also how to be a good nurturer and raise great children.” – Gloria Banda

“This has been the best training that I have ever attended. It brings out the whole being of a child or in other words it helps you understand the kids in your class. Thank you.” – Mercy Banda

“I enjoyed the training as much of activities were involved hence making me to learn more on how to handle my lessons.” – Charity Nayame

“The training has really transformed my life and I believe that I am no longer the same.” – Nkhoma Sracious Pamela

The team then trained in Rustenberg, South Africa for the first time. It was a great group of 14 teachers where they trained Modules 1 and 2 of the Teacher Certificate. The training was a great start in this area and the South Africa in country trainers will continue the training with the subsequent modules in the coming months. Here are some quotes from participants of the training:

“The training not only enlightens you about children’s ministry but also challenges your individual walk with Jesus.” – Nomuhle

“This program really does open up your mind to help children love Jesus and understand Scripture” – Nomuhle

“It is helpful and changes the way we think about our children.” – Andie

“Awesome!”– Liesel