The news is disturbing…

“Children, as young as seven years old, are being turned into human bombs…” (60 Minutes, CBS News).

“Turkey wedding suicide bomber 'was child aged 12-14’” (BBC).

“The Iraqi security officers grip the boy tightly… This was the dramatic moment Iraqi police stopped Hussein, a 15-year-old suspected in a suicide bombing attempt for ISIS…” (CNN).

Why are terrorists now focusing on children?

George Barna, church researcher, tells us this: “If you want to shape a person’s life – whether you are most concerned about his or her moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional or economic development – it is during these crucial [childhood] years that lifelong habits, values, and attitudes are formed.” [1]

Isn’t it interesting that the same age group (under 15 years of age) accounts for 85% of those who receive Christ around the world. [2]

Most life-long spiritual values and beliefs are set in place during these same years. No other age group is as open to the gospel…or the terrorist.

And that’s how KidZ at Heart is combatting the alarming news…

KidZ at Heart equips people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. We do this by training leaders of churches, communities, and households to impact the five spheres of a child’s life, each of which is key to nurturing the child’s formation: the home, spiritual practices, mind, physical and emotional health, and relationships.

The long-term impact…

Imagine a world, perhaps 20 years from now, where every child in every nation is on a spiritual journey towards becoming a mature follower of Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior. A child who loves God with all his heart, all his soul, all his mind, and all his strength and who loves his neighbor as himself…that child might be called a “great” child, as he lives out the Great Commandment.

With a growing population of children in the world and growing threats to them now and by them in the future, it is urgent that we equip more loving adults around the world to nurture their own children into lifelong commitments to our loving Lord and Savior. Children committed to Jesus will change the world.

Consider joining a short-term team, as a trainer or a support staffer, to help change the trajectory of one child’s life.


[1] Barna, Transforming Children, p. 18.

[2] Larry Sharp, Children in Crisis, p. 249.