Do you know where the country of Ukraine is? Good for you! It wasn’t that long ago that KidZ at Heart really didn’t know, by actual experience, where Ukraine is—or how powerfully the KidZ training program would impact hearts there!

KidZ returned to Ukraine in 2017. And to give you a taste of the wonderful impact that has already come of KidZ at Heart training, let us tell you about Natalia.

Natalia was already an inspired and hardworking teacher when she came to training: she teaches English to children in Bolgrad, Ukraine. Instead of a textbook, Natalia is using the Bible to teach English! She also works with her husband to host youth summer camps that focus on teaching English to young Ukrainians.

Before Natalia attended the KidZ at Heart training, she was doing the best she knew how. But often, she felt that she was not effectively connecting the children to the teaching of the Bible; it was simply “the book” from which they learned English. Of course, we know that God’s Word has transforming power in itself, but Natalia didn’t feel that she had the tools to get past “just teaching English.” She felt that the only thing she could do to help the kids know God was to show His love to them by her kindness. But she longed to really help them understand how knowing God’s Word could change their hearts.

After KidZ at Heart training, Natalia tells us that she now feels she has tools. They aren’t physical tools; they are all inside her—tools she learned from KidZ training! Understanding “How Kids L.E.A.R.N. Best” helped her know her students in new ways. Learning the Five Key Spheres in which a child should be nurtured gave Natalia tools that help her feel she has the ability to nurture each child and help each one based on his or her learning styles and intelligences. She feels confident that she can go beyond teaching English to effectively teaching who God is in the Bible. Natalia is delighted that now she can not only teach English, but also help the children and youth she mentors to develop an individual relationship with God.