In November 2017, KidZ at Heart leaders from the US and El Salvador joined to form Team Nicaragua. KidZ at Heart staff members Way & Gean Stevens (team leaders) and Carol Kendrick from the US joined Carolina de Portillo from El Salvador. The team traveled together to Nicaragua and served over 100 participants!

The first training was at the “Jovenaes IPJ Esposa del Cordero” (Bride of the Lamb) Church in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. The team was excited to present the KMEC training at a new location. The pastors and teachers who attended were enriched and encouraged as they learned and demonstrated their understanding of the first three modules we presented. They are eager for another team to return so they can continue working toward completing all eight modules of the Teacher Certificate. We expect some from that group to be able to go through the Trainer training so they will be able to start conducting trainings throughout the country themselves.

The team needed an additional translator, and through an Internet search located the same excellent translator who had helped a previous team in November of 2016. He was available to help on two of the training days, and the team was delighted to reconnect with him. Since he has heard and spoken the material (which is pretty good training!), he is very interested in completing the modules to become a trainer himself!

On the second site visit, the team returned to the Trinity Bilingual School, where they greeted 40 participants for the Module 1 training on Day 1. But when they surveyed the group, they discovered that fewer than half of them had been present at the previous trainings. The group of participants who did not attend the 2016 training needed to understand the LEARN basics of Module 2 before going ahead with later modules, so on Day 2, while three of the team members taught Module 4 to participants who attended the 2016 training, two team members taught Module 2 to the new participants — using another translator whose middle name was “Angel.” He certainly was an angel for the training!

God poured out His blessings in many other ways during the trip. One of the best blessings of all is that the team members now have many more wonderful friends who are looking forward to the team's next visit. This joint effort was well worth the time and effort: Another hundred teachers and leaders are now better able to teach kids effectively and help them to follow Jesus, even as these leaders teach others—so that even more children are impacted by the good news of Jesus!

Did you know? You can go, too! Whether joining a trip to Nepal, Zambia & Malawi, or Romania, you can go and see first-hand God’s work around the world. Though as you sign up to be used by God to minister to others, it’s you who’s forever changed. Check out the future locations of short-term trips or send your questions to Pat.