This time of year, it's not the hunt for eggs that sets my feet dancing, it's the hunt for leaf sprouts and flower buds! On the very first day I get even a hint of spring in the air, I'm out in the yard searching every flower bed and every pot to see which plants survived the cold snaps and frost warnings. I celebrate every returning sprout because that means the blossoms are spreading beyond last year's planting!

When our KidZ at Heart training teams return to previous training sites, an even bigger celebration erupts.  We look for signs that the seeds we planted on the first trip have taken root and are growing. We watch for familiar faces. We anticipate reports of the curriculum helping those teachers ministering to kids within their culture.

What could be better than finding that the modules already taught have been effective?

What could be better than finding teachers excited to continue learning because their first lessons have proven valuable as they mentor children?

What could be better than finding leaders who are helping children learn to completely love God?

I felt that spring time joy this week when I saw pictures of the trainers we certified in El Salvador last fall equipping 60 other teachers! Oh, the joy of seeing believers share what they were given!

We celebrated again as the trainers returned from Moldova where KidZ teams have traveled five times since 2013. Each Moldova team has built relationships with those who teach gypsy children, local orphans, and youth in transitional homes. Now students who attended local summer camps are returning as leaders learning to teach children.

What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others

The instruction of II Timothy 2:2 is being lived out. The curriculum previously presented is being utilized and distributed, taking root in the lives of children and teachers and church leaders. We are celebrating these spiritual buds, blossoms, and blooms.

Thank you for being part God’s growing work!