Jackson lost his father during the Rwandan genocide. As an exchange student from Rwanda, Jackson then went on to the Coast Guard Academy. One of his classmates invited Jackson to his home for several holidays where Jackson was considered part of the family. He has since returned to serve in the Rwandan Air Force. Over a Christmas holiday, Jackson asked his classmate’s father, Andy Metroka, to mentor him.

Jackson’s uncle, Nathan Mashaija, started the Rushenyi Junior Academy in 2014 to bring quality education in the village Rushenyi-Ntungamo in Uganda. Kids also travel from other villages to attend. Despite their limited resources including renting out houses as classrooms, they have had exceptional performances by their students.

Leaders at Rushenyi Junior Academy had a vision to build new buildings, making the school more independent. They began raising funds and are slowly building a school campus. Andy Metroka, through Jackson, began conversation with Nathan and his son, Joshua. Andy felt God leading him to help this endeavor. Andy then met Gordon at the Children’s Pastors’ Conference in 2017 and talked about his desire to help Nathan and the academy. Gordon shared the vision of KidZ at Heart and the approach to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. Andy knew this was needed in Uganda. Plans began for a short-term trip to Rushenyi, Uganda.

The KidZ at Heart short-term team of seven consists of Andy, his wife Patty, son Andrew, their pastor John, and three other members of their church, including a 17-year-old. Two KidZ staff members, Pat McWhorter and Becky McAllister traveled to Montana to conduct the first Cross Cultural KidMin Conference with this team. It was a great two days, training this team to take KidZ at Heart Modules to an Academy that has beaten the odds and provided quality education in a village in Western Uganda.

Thanks for praying for this team in Uganda May 16-27, 2018. Follow the team and see updates while they’re in-country on the KidZ at Heart Uganda Facebook Page.