We’ve seen it countless times over the past 16 years of training in other cultures. Local teachers, parents, and children’s leaders attend a KidZ at Heart training, and their lives and ministries are transformed. They embrace and immediately implement what they’ve learned. Children’s lives are impacted as they engage in and experience vital biblical truths. But something’s missing, or rather someone’s missing. During the training, attendees begin advocating for those who aren’t there to experience the same training.

This is the same situation in each country on each continent on which KidZ at Heart has trained children’s leaders.

We receive regular reports from Joan…

We’re familiar with Pretoria, South Africa. But we honestly had to look up the location of Olievenhoutbosch. It is a remote and small township in South Africa. Joan, a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart, is currently training 22 teachers in Olievenhoutbosch and other remote areas. Together we can train more trainers globally to provide much-needed training to those KidZ at Heart would never be able to reach otherwise.

And Gaby’s excitement is contagious…

Before Gaby knew anything about becoming a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart, she asked, "If I take more classes from you and pass a test, may I take this training to people I know who need it?" Our KidZ at Heart Mexico team quickly answered, "Yes!" You see, those who attend KidZ at Heart training are the ones who best know the people, the area, and the needs. Attendees like Gaby advocate for people who live in more remote areas and don't have access to the annual KidZ at Heart training.

Stories like Joan’s and Gaby’s are happening all over the world, and we have focused our spring fundraising campaign on this purpose—to Train the Trainers. It’s time to set the stage for a rapid expansion of knowledge and skills.

KidZ at Heart is developing regional training centers staffed primarily by local leaders who are able to expand the reach of KidZ across their own country and to neighboring areas. Of course, each training center requires time and travel of our ministry leaders, individualized training programs, and funding to help local leaders launch the ministry. Together we can continue to develop, launch, and release local leaders around the world.

We invite you to prayerfully consider a generous gift to Train the Trainers. Together we can equip in-country leaders like Joan and Gaby to share KidZ at Heart training throughout the year!