What does God do when he wants to get your attention?

For us, it often comes in the form of an idea bigger than we dare embrace followed by an excitement that just cannot be dampened. That’s exactly what happened to us recently.

New friends, new partners, new opportunities

God unexpectedly captured our attention in February. We were presenting our “Connecting Kids with God” workshop at the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona’s 2018 National Conference. Since the foundation of spiritual formation is relationships, it should not have been a surprise that new relationships began right there during the workshop! It became obvious that KidZ at Heart’s beliefs about children, spiritual formation, and the church were “hitting home” with two of the participants in particular.

Following the workshop, we had the privilege of “officially” meeting Curt and Debbie Swindoll and Monica Green of Grafted Life Ministries (GLM). After several subsequent meetings, KidZ at Heart was asked to consider partnering with Grafted Life to create a Christian spiritual formation curriculum designed to impact children (birth through elementary ages), youth (middle and senior high school) and families of all ages. These materials will complete Grafted Life’s current Life with God series for adults that is changing lives throughout the church at large.

This vision has captured our hearts as few projects have in the history of KidZ at Heart. God has our full attention. And, after much prayer, KidZ at Heart has agreed to come alongside GLM to tackle this enormous project.

Deeper impact for KidZ at Heart in North American churches and families

While this offer was a surprise, we recognize it as the answer to our prayers to find the “missing piece” of our North American ministries. For months, we have been asking ourselves and God how we might better impact churches across North America so that children could know and love God fully. How might KidZ at Heart better equip North American church and family leaders to reach children right here? How can we help churches and families make the necessary changes to nurture children in transformative ways that will result in a lifetime of love for God?

Creating spiritual formation materials with Grafted Life Ministries will propel KidZ at Heart into a deeper fulfillment of what God has called us to do globally, and especially as it applies to our work in North America.

Bringing our best to the project…and recruiting more help, too!

KidZ at Heart’s staff is honored to share our combined decades of education and experience in children’s and formational ministries, and we are excited about the new friends we are meeting who are excited about helping to write and edit these materials. Each lesson will blend our solid educational philosophy with the spiritual formation practices that intentionally create environments in which children have time to be with God and to develop a personal relationship with him.

We will be hiring additional writers and editors to help with this project. Please forward this to anyone you know who might have a passion to help create formational materials for children and youth. Please send inquiries to lifewithGod@kidzatheart.org.

Please pray with us as this project continues to come together. Pray for our discernment as we seek funding and as we assist Grafted Life Ministries to expand their Life with God materials for a new generation…for the whole church.