We’ve been talking quite a bit about spiritual formation of children and even a new project that KidZ at Heart is starting with Grafted Life Ministries. We invite you to dream with us.

Can you imagine...

  1. Casting a fresh vision for the church that thriving relationships with God and others are important at every age. There is no reason children can’t become aware of God’s presence in their everyday life. In fact, some would say they are as open to connecting with God, moment by moment, as they ever will be.
  2. Reversing the trend of youth exiting the church. The documented lack of Millennials’ interest in the church is effectively telling us that what we have been doing in child and youth ministry has been broken for a long time. A relational change is needed, from the nursery up through high school and into adulthood. God is constantly inviting us to grow in love with him and one another. We want to help children and youth find their place in the family of God.
  3. Teaching children that Jesus cares about every facet of their life. Through integrated, developmental and learning-level appropriate resources for children and youth, we can help them bring their emotional, intellectual, physical, and relational needs to God as part of everyday life.
  4. Impacting the entire culture surrounding children and youth.  Childhood curricula isn’t enough. A robust solution must include practical and supportive resources for parents and caregivers that can impact their family relationships in the home, as well as training for child and youth workers. (This is one of the exciting aspects of partnering with a ministry like Grafted Life that is already effectively connecting with adults.)

You can help bring these church resources to life

Could you get excited about the potential of Life with God for children? Of impacting the church by nurturing families?

We anticipate the development cycle for the suite of resources described above will take 3-4 years to complete and around $1.5 million.

With this in mind, there are a few ways you can help KidZ at Heart and Grafted Life on this project:

  1. We are assembling a list of donors and foundations to pursue. Do you know someone or perhaps a foundation that would have an interest in a substantial vision like this? We would love to have a conversation with them and see if God is laying this project on their heart.
  2. We are assembling a national prayer team. If you have an interest in joining a group that has already committed to pray consistently for us and this project, we would value that tremendously.
  3. Finally, KidZ at Heart will be spearheading the selection of writers and editors. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the team that will create this exciting new curriculum for children and youth, please let us know via email at lifewithGod@kidzatheart.org.

Let us know if you would be interested in further details. We are happy to share them. Please pray with us as this project continues to come together. Pray for our discernment as we seek funding and creativity as we work together to expand Grafted Life Ministries’ Life with God for a new generation in the church…and for the whole church family.