Train. Partner. Mobilize. And give thanks!

(Okay...that was six. But you get the point.)

Partner. You have relationships with children in your home, church, and community. Your proximity to those children and your relationship with them make you the most effective person to impact them. This is God’s design for passing on our faith to the next generation (Deuteronomy 6). It’s the same for the networks of adults with whom we partner across the United States and in more than 40 countries around the world where KidZ at Heart is at work. We thank God for your partnership with KidZ at Heart as you help the children within your circle of influence fall deeply in love with Jesus!

Train. KidZ at Heart International now has more than 30 staff members living in 6 states and 5 countries. Together, the staff brings to our training events and certification programs over 500 years of experience in leading effective ministry to children. Our joy is to connect with people like you, experts in their own culture and connected to children within that culture, to share effective educational techniques and principles of spiritual formation for children. We thank God for the incredible staff he has assembled and for the gifts they bring for training networks of adults around the world.

Mobilize. When our partners and our trainers work together, the natural result is mobilization! People get moving! Churches send teams to train others cross-culturally, generous donors fund the work so children can be reached, networks of adults get trained and learn to share the training with others, and thousands of adults step forward to work effectively with the children of their own culture, helping them develop a deep commitment to Jesus. We thank God for those who go and those who give, the ones who make the work of KidZ at Heart possible.

It was on Thanksgiving weekend 17 years ago, that KidZ at Heart launched our first, exploratory trip to Uganda. It seems like only yesterday! Today, we are seeing the ministry grow faster than ever before, and we are getting requests from more countries than ever. God is using people like you, members of the global Christian community called KidZ at Heart, to train, partner with, and mobilize networks of leaders to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.

And we thank God for you!