Children long to be loved. When they are loved consistently and in meaningful ways by adults in their lives who also love Jesus, the children end up falling deeply in love with Jesus themselves. That’s the message of Deuteronomy 6.

However, that’s not the “norm” in our culture and in many others around the world. Dallas Willard shared the grim news during a talk in 2001 when he acknowledged that it is now statistically and anecdotally common to find that Christians generally do not differ significantly from non-Christians in our culture. He also stated that “if you survey correctly you will find that there is a group of Christians that do differ radically from non-Christians; but that kind of commitment is, even among Christians themselves, understood to be a kind of spiritual option or luxury” (Dallas Willard, The Great Omission, page 54).

The traditional ways of teaching children about God have been failing for many years. Children profess a faith in God and then walk away from the church. We see the results in both the teen and young adult populations where former “Christians” want nothing to do with a faith they find meaningless. Bad news at Christmastime, isn’t it?

KidZ at Heart doesn’t want children to think loving God and committing their lives to him is an optional part of the Christian life. That’s why we are replicating Christian communities globally where adults can learn of the love God has for them and learn to pass that love on to the children in their lives. KidZ at Heart is a global Christian community that trains, partners with, and mobilizes networks of leaders to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.

Our culture uses the word “love” very carelessly, but the Bible takes it seriously. After all, God is love. Scripture identifies love as both an emotion and a commitment. We want children to “feel” love from God and for God in an intimate and personal love relationship with their Lord and Savior. (Something traditional Christian education has often neglected to promote.) We also want them to “commit” their love to God in a willful, lifelong submission to his loving guidance. Oswald Chambers says it this way: “The most exquisite thing in the human soul is that early mood of the soul when it first falls in love with the Lord.”

Whether across North America or around the world, KidZ at Heart is helping children fall in love with Jesus. Each member of our community plays a role in making that happen. Please consider joining the global community of KidZ at Heart as a giver. Without generous financial gifts, the work of this community simply does not exist. Like every ministry, year-end generosity is critical to the health of KidZ at Heart International. Please consider giving a generous year-end gift. Because children long to be loved. And God is pleased when they are!