A new year seems to always begin with a list of priorities, then strategies to reach those priorities, followed by tactics needed to meet the strategies. Though every year our department begins with a detailed plan, our highlight in the North American Ministries department during 2018 has surprisingly been in the area of God-prompted relationships. We have discovered that those developing relationships have been vital to the health of our department and to accomplishing those priorities as well.

  • More than 100 new relationships are beginning through the launch of Connecting Children with God, a newly developed online community exploring the spiritual formation of children. Monthly we explore different aspects of spiritual formation and ways to foster this in ministry with children. 2019 promises to bring many more rich relationships as our community grows.
  • Our relationship with Grafted Life Ministries has deepened as next steps were planned in the process of writing Children with God Amy O’Brien has begun as the Coordinating Editor for the project.
  • Within KidZ at Heart, we are pursuing greater ways to increase relationships cross-departmentally in a virtual office setting. Growth in 2018 impressed on us the need to work in collaboration more closely and align what we are doing organizationally, giving strength to our structure. In the North American Ministries department, we have welcomed Sherrie, a new volunteer staff person, increasing our departmental staff to 6 people working closely together, though we live in 5 different states! Developing the relationships, though, has strengthened our department to a greater degree than ever.

God’s hand has built our ministry deeper and stronger this year through the bonds of relationships.