Equipping people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture

Development in 2018

Development in 2018

Another year of great growth! God has led KidZ at Heart staff and board members through a number of milestones as we help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.

KidZ at Heart is setting the stage to allow for a rapid expansion of knowledge and skills. Joan, a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart, provides training in remote areas throughout the year. She conducted one specific training for 22 teachers in Olievenhoutbosch, South Africa (a place unfamiliar to many around the world). Together we train more trainers globally to provide much-needed instruction to those KidZ at Heart would never be able to reach otherwise. Joan shares, “I assure you that when the teachers implement what they're learning, we can expect a revival in South Africa!"

This is why KidZ at Heart does what we do. KidZ at Heart is a global Christian community that trains, partners with, and mobilizes networks of leaders to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.

Highlights of 2018

  • In KidZ at Heart's 16th year, more than 85% of the $968,144 in charitable gifts went directly to the ministry of helping kids fall deeply in love with Jesus across North America and around the world.
  • In 2018, 874 individuals gave generously to help reach the 2.3 billion children in the world. Some support a friend/family member who is going on a short-term trip. Some give monthly in various amounts (from $5 a month to nearly $1,000 a month). This is reflective of a 27% growth over the past two years.
  • God's Kids continues to be a friend in ministry as well as a generous giver through KidZ at Heart.
  • KidZ at Heart is thankful for a continued ministry relationship with Bellevue Heights Foundation. In 2018, Bellevue Heights Church Foundation awarded KidZ at Heart a grant to help fund further expansion of the ministry in 2019.
  • In order to stay ahead of the growing needs of the ministry, KidZ at Heart hired a new Director of Community Development Jo Ellen Platania (to start in 2019). Jo Ellen is focusing on developing, strengthening, and maintaining engaging programs for sustaining and future donors. It is vital that all those participating in the ministry of KidZ at Heart are truly engaged in the community.
  • Vice President of Development Josh Rasmussen met with the KidZ at Heart Latin America staff in the fall of 2018. Josh connected with the leadership of the National Training Network, affirmed their ministry efforts, and coached them on creating and implementing a development approach in order to reach the self-sustaining phase of this National Training Network.
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