What Others are Saying

"Thank you for coming and I hope you come back soon.  I have been asked to be in charge of the Children's classes at my church.  You have given me so much information to use for my teachers.  Thank you."

"Thank you for coming.  As a Pastor I should know about all of the areas in my church.  I realize now just how little I know about Children's classes.  Now I can better help my teachers."

"These courses helped me a lot because I’ve never been burdened for children but now I have the desire to teach them for they are an essential part of the church."

"God bless your ministry.  Through this God spoke to my life that I am educating future pastors, leaders, and teachers.  Thank you."

"I loved it all, I learned to dedicate myself more in my classes and make them better.  The teachers were very patient and explained very well.  Thank you!"

"This was the best training ever. It is interactive and helps you to look at the discipleship."

"The training was so exciting and helpful.  And I cannot wait for the next one."

"God bless the KidZ at Heart for the awesome work they are doing.  It is really helping our ministry.  It has seen me and my ministry grow and develop.  Please continue the good work."

2018 Highlights

  • Officially licensed another 24 trainers in El Salvador
  • Licensed training material for trips to Haiti, Estonia, and Ecuador
  • First trips to Thailand and Myanmar to begin the KidZ Ministry Certification Program Teacher Certificate
  • Trips to Nepal, SW Ukraine, Mexico (Manzanillo), Mexico (Saltillo), Uganda, Tanzania, Honduras, Moldova, Zambia & Malawi, Thailand & Myanmar, and Romania
  • 1000+ trained via short-term trips
  • Further training by in-country trainers in El Salvador, Uganda, and South Africa.
  • Formalized our process and phases for Replicating Transformative Global Communities within KidZ at Heart

Opportunities and Items in Process for 2019

  • Completing short-term trips in 2019 to Nepal, SW Ukraine, Mexico (Manzanillo), Mexico (Saltillo), Uganda, Tanzania, Honduras, Thailand, Myanmar, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Zambia & Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe, and Costa Rica
  • Conducting Great Trainers Summit in Nepal, Haiti, and Zambia to launch first group of licensed trainers in these countries
  • Launching new Team Leader Training