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A Look at Content Development in 2018

A Look at Content Development in 2018

What a year this has been! It seemed like everything we worked to develop needed a huge learning curve.

Our work with Hope International University (HIU) has taught us a lot about what it means to take our in-person training material and create an on-line course. After many hours of work by our department and feedback from our colleagues at HIU, the course is in its final stage. The goal is to offer it for the first time during the summer 2019 session.

This was the year to develop the Great Trainers Summit, to be used with each of our partner regions to train local leaders to become official KidZ at Heart trainers. The two-day training was offered this fall by our President and our Regional Director in El Salvador. We are excited that it will also be taken to Uganda in February 2019 and Haiti in March 2019. What a milestone this is, as we see teachers and leaders around the world becoming licensed KidZ trainers.

In December we received the official document from the U.S. government granting us copy rights to our Teacher Certificate training modules. It was a welcome ‘gift’ right before our Christmas break as it marked the culmination of several weeks of work and several months of waiting.

Again this year, I want to express my gratitude to God for the talented and committed women working as staff and volunteers in this department. We are blessed by their skills as writers, researchers, editors, formatters, and proofreaders. Thank you, Lord!

Looking Forward to 2019
Please pray for us as we move forward into 2019, seeking God’s guidance and sufficiency.

  • For the right instructor for the “Spiritual Formation in Children” course
  • For wisdom and creativity as we continue the development of the Advanced Teacher Certificate training modules
  • For more translators in Nepali, Romanian and Russian. (And any new languages the Lord opens up for us)
  • For continued intimacy in our relationship with the Lord and the unity of his Holy Spirit in all we do together
  • And we still have an opening for a Senior Editor to oversee the volunteers who are editing and formatting training documents
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