Eddie, at the young age of 10, attended his first KidZ at Heart training. Honestly, the presenters were concerned that he might be a distraction for the other attendees. The adult leaders wanted to learn how to better help children fall deeply in love with Jesus, but why was Eddie there?

Little did they know.

You see, Eddie serves as a Sunday school teacher to a group of three-year-olds at the tabernacle in Chalatenango, two hours away from his home in San Salvador. He and his family travel each weekend to serve together.

Because of Eddie's passion, maturity, and willingness to serve, others from his church made sure he and a few other teenagers were able to attend the KidZ training. Not one person in their group considered Eddie too young to teach.

"How can I keep my relationship with God close in my life?" ~Eddie

Eddie saw the benefit of dividing a class into smaller groups--just like he experienced. As the training concluded, he was ready to try the activities and tips with his class the following Sunday.

Not only has Eddie fallen deeply in love with Jesus, he is excited to help other children do the same.

Since 2003, KidZ at Heart has trained leaders, those trusted individuals who have the joy and God-given responsibility to nurture great children. KidZ trains now in more than 40 countries including the United States.

It takes $391 to train a teacher who will impact the lives of children in El Salvador. Your gift will enable teachers like Eddie to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus.