After attending an impactful KidZ at Heart training, Ileana was emboldened to begin holding children’s meetings in the center marketplace of her town. You see, many of the children who gather there are cared for by their grandmothers and are the sons and daughters of prostitutes or gang members. The children are cared for by their grandmothers who sell fruits and vegetables at the market. Ileana has started teaching the children using strategies and skills she learned during her training.

Children are flocking to see what the fun is all about—and are becoming wholehearted followers of Jesus, from the inside out!

In addition, Ileana has become a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart—one of 26 National Trainers in El Salvador! Ileana, who works with World Vision, first participated in a KidZ training in 2017 and has continued to train children’s teachers and leaders faithfully since then. KidZ National Trainers are often professionals (psychologists, teachers, special education educators, and others) who lead trainings in addition to their primary careers. These trainers are ready to take training to every corner of the country so that the two million children in El Salvador can experience transformation from the inside out.

It takes $1,564 to license and train a trainer who will prepare teachers of children in El Salvador.

Will you join us by investing your prayers and your dollars in this effort? God is absolutely able to do it without you. But we want you to share in the blessing that will be yours as you invest!