The board and staff of KidZ at Heart International is delighted to welcome Paige Kolb and SureFire Prayer to our global Christian community. As the rich suite of resources and dynamic leaders of SureFire Prayer are grafted into KidZ at Heart, we will be better prepared than ever before to train, partner with, and mobilize networks of leaders to help kids fall deeply in love with Jesus!

Like any partnership, this one came together based on shared passion, vision, and style, with both ministries being able to gain much in the blending. KidZ and SureFire are both primarily training organizations focused on bringing children into vital, growing relationships with the living Jesus. Both focus on training leaders and partnering with those who are closest to the children, church and family leaders.

While KidZ at Heart focuses on church leaders and their impact on homes, SureFire Prayer focuses on homes and their impact on churches. When homes are healthy, so are churches; when churches are healthy, so are their homes. When church and home stand together in relationship with Jesus, communities are impacted.

KidZ at Heart currently ministers in more than 40 countries around the world, including the United States. SureFire Prayer shares many of the same training locations and many others as well. Existing networks of leaders from both ministries will now be able to receive both training programs.

The KidZ Ministry Teacher Certificate Program offered by KidZ at Heart is based on the desire to work with the Holy Spirt in forming “great” children, as defined by Jesus in the Great Commandment. Whether at church or at home, adults are trained to impact the five key spheres of a child’s life, creating environments where God and child meet.

  • As we impact the child’s home, the Holy Spirit nurtures the child to love God with all her heart.
  • As we impact the child’s spiritual practices and prayer life, the Holy Spirit nurtures the child to love God with all his soul.
  • As we impact the child’s engagement in spiritual truth, the Holy Spirit nurtures the child to love God with all her mind.
  • As we impact the child’s environment and physical, social, emotional health, the Holy Spirit nurtures the child to love God with his everything, all his strength.
  • And when a child of any age loves God so completely, the inevitable result is a child who loves himself and others.

For some time, KidZ at Heart has longed to offer better tools for impacting those first two spheres, the child’s home and prayer life. KidZ has needed additional materials for focusing on family and child spiritual health. As we join forces, this void is being filled.

On April 1, 2019, Paige Kolb accepted the position of Director of Community Engagement within the staff community of KidZ at Heart. In this position, she will be uniquely positioned to assist both KidZ at Heart’s national and international teams as we blend the networks of both ministries together and strategize to offer the strengths of both training programs to all networks now part of the enlarged global Christian community of KidZ at Heart.

We are excited to see what God has in store as Paige and SureFire Prayer are grafted into the KidZ at Heart community and both produce greater fruit than ever before.