Nobody likes to talk about infrastructure. It’s boring, right? But what’s our reaction to driving on a rutted road? To running over a pothole? We get tense. We slow down. Our vehicle can be damaged—in short, a lack of infrastructure impedes progress!

Boring as it may seem, there is now a tremendous need for infrastructure in KidZ at Heart’s efforts in El Salvador. We’re literally trying to expand to the north, south, east, and west of the country. But as with our pothole example, our progress is slowed by a lack of infrastructure. We simply need for systems and structures to be set in motion that will empower our already-trained trainers and help them move effectively into “expansion mode.”

It takes $96,860 to build infrastructure that will launch El Salvador into a self-sustaining network of trainers. This includes training teachers and trainers, establishing six training sites, and empowering staff, partners, and leaders to move more effectively.

Perhaps you’re a person who appreciates the power of infrastructure. Even if you’re not, we’re asking you to consider opening your heart and your pocketbook to KidZ expansion efforts in El Salvador! The doors are wide open, the time of opportunity is upon us—partner with us to see teachers trained all over the country who will lead kids to love and follow Jesus from the inside out!