I'm writing this article early in the morning on August 6th, 2019, while listening to the sounds of energized and refreshed voices greeting one another, laughing together, and loving really well. Our team of twelve is here in Costa Rica to present KidZ at Heart Training for the very first time in this beautiful country.

The folks from Christ's Church in Effingham, Illinois, have stepped up to this "new beginning" in Costa Rica in a really big way. Seven of us have been trained to launch the KidZ Ministry Certification Program, while five more are here just because they sensed God telling them to come along and offer their support.

We are presenting the first two modules of our Certification Program in two locations in and around Heredia, just outside the capital city of San José. To our surprise, people from all over the country have traveled great lengths in order to participate. From the southern border with Panama, all the way to the northeast border with Nicaragua, nearly fifty people from a dozen churches are responding to the invitation to learn how to nurture "great children" who love God with all their heart, soul, mind, strength, and relationships.

Isn’t that amazing? God is so good!

Even though we’re only a little over half way through this trip, we can already say God has blessed us in ways we can’t even begin to describe here. We’ve heard consistent testimonies from those being trained, saying how glad they are to have this opportunity to learn how to help children fall more deeply in love with Jesus. We even witnessed a teacher put what she learned into practice in her classroom on Sunday morning.

The overwhelming message we’re hearing is that there is a massive need in Costa Rica for training, not just for teachers but for parents. Last night a pastor from a church in Heredia told me that we need to present this training to 1,000 people next year!

Yes, God is awakening the global Church to the great need of our day with over 2.3 billion children worldwide who need to know Jesus. That’s why the months of May through September are very busy with KidZ at Heart mobilizing teams to Uganda, Honduras, Mexico, Tanzania, Moldova, Thailand, Myanmar, and right here in Costa Rica. In addition, countries like Nepal, El Salvador, South Africa, and Uganda are providing ongoing training within their own National Training Networks.

We're hearing many stories of how God is using these training opportunities to impact leaders and bring about a culture shift that values children. Please continue praying for our ministry during this busy travel season and join us in thanking God for the great things He is doing all over the world.