A Time for Gratitude

Many studies show that gratitude changes our heart attitudes, enhances relationships, and reduces
stress. How can we cultivate a heart of gratitude for our families?

Materials needed: blank notepaper, envelopes, stamps, markers, pen or pencil

Read: EPHESIANS 1:15–16: “For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your
love toward all the saints, I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”

Discuss: Have a family discussion about people you know who express a life of faith or show love for
others. Take time to pray in thanksgiving and remember their needs in your prayers.

Action: Write thank-you notes to the people who came up in your discussion mentioning specific ways
you appreciate in how they express their faith or show love. For younger children, have them draw a
picture of the person and dictate a thank-you to an adult who will write it down.

Barbie Murphy
NA Training Coordinator
KidZ at Heart International