As children’s ministry leaders, we can get caught up in day-to-day demands and forget why we “signed up” in the first place. Take stock to evaluate if you’re building an eternal legacy. Here are tips I learned from my dear wife:

• Care more about the person in front of you than anything else.
• Take time to really listen.
• No matter where you are, make that space a comfortable “home.”
• Focus on loving others, not on your own agenda.
• Always believe the best, hope for the best, speak the kind word.
• Pray for people.
• Remember people’s names...and the names of their children.
• Understand when those around you are having a difficult day.
• Be consistent, keep going, don’t stop, never give up.
• Endure your own hardships in private, never letting them stop you from loving those people God places in your path or from doing the ministry God has invited you to lead.
• Laugh with people, cry with people, hug freely.
• Serve like Martha and worship like Mary.

On June 2, 2019, Becki Trabold West was cured of her cancer after an intense three-year battle. She’s likely now in charge of the hospitality and children’s worship teams in heaven. She served in children’s ministry leadership for over 38 years, including writing for Children’s Ministry Magazine and speaking frequently for Group Publishing over the past 25 years. She leaves behind a network of thousands of children’s ministry leaders across the globe who continue her legacy by helping children fall deeply in love with Jesus through her work with KidZ at Heart. She will be missed.

Gordon West
Founder of KidZ at Heart International