I’ve never had a particular desire to go into children’s ministry, so it was surprising to everyone (especially me) that the ministry that I ended up joining has children’s ministry training as its primary focus.  Beyond the basic appeal of doing video and internet work that I find enjoyable, there were a few things about KidZ at Heart as an organization that made me excited about it.

Initially, I remembered my own upbringing in a Christian home, and how the Biblical education that I received at a very young age became a great foundation for the rest of my life.  A high percentage of people who come to Christ do so before they reach adulthood, and even Jesus emphasized the importance of children’s participation in receiving the Gospel (Matt. 19:14).  I was reminded of the value in not underestimating children’s ability to have a relationship with God, as well as the importance of providing them with that firm foundation to carry forward into the rest of their lives.

In addition to the emphasis on helping kids to have a real relationship with God, I was struck by KidZ at Heart’s unique model for missions.  It focuses on equipping teachers, leaders, and parents to impact the kids that are already in their lives, and places great emphasis on sustainability and self-replication.  It’s short-term missions, but it’s much more than week-long trips to build houses or host VBS programs.  The entire system is designed around real, lasting change that continues to grow long after our teams have left the country.  We’ve already seen the impact of this model in multiple areas of the world as people begin to value their children more and grow together in their faith.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of KidZ at Heart, though, is how much and how quickly it is growing.  Working currently in over 40 countries around the world, we are always open to adding more.  We also recognize that every single person has something truly valuable they can contribute to the work that we are doing.  We are constantly adding people to our community in the form of donors, short-term team members, staff members, and volunteers.

I’m so excited to be a part of this growing, working community, and I’m excited to have you along on the journey with me as well!