April, 2017 was the beginning of our relationship with the people in SW Ukraine!  Three years spent getting to know some wonderful people, learning the culture of this region, and encouraging each other as we all learn to help children fall deeply in love with Jesus, has been a tremendous blessing.

In March of 2020, our KidZ at Heart team will return again and we cannot wait. For the past 3 years, we have built relationships with people in Bolgrad, Ozoerne, Plavne, Izmail and Reni, Ukraine. There are some people in each of these cities who have attended every training of our KidZ Ministry Certification Program. And there are others who have come as often as they possibly can.

In Ozoerne (I call this location ‘the big blue church’), we have been able to ask some of our participants to come to a central location. The majority of these are those who have been a part of every training. In March of 2020, they will be a part of Modules 7 and 8, which will conclude the KidZ Ministry Certification Program. We will celebrate with them as they graduate from this program. And we will continue conversations toward building a local training network.

In Reni last year, our team met a missionary couple from South Africa. They have been in Ukraine for 25 years and are reaching out in their community. They attended our training last year and we will now bring training to their ministry beginning with Modules 1 and 2. As we move to the next step in one location, God is opening a new location to begin from the start.

Two years ago in Izmail, we were able to bring training to a church in Izmail. I loved our time at this church as we met with young people just beginning their ministry and with an older generation that were ready to make changes from the Soviet Union way of life. They hugged us, cried with us and told us how grateful they are. Last year our schedules did not match and we are so excited to get to return to this church in 2020.

Will you begin praying with us now? Pray God guides us through the schedules, and the details and that He brings the people that He wants to be at these trainings. Pray for the children of Reni, Izmail, Ozoerne, Bolgrad and Plavne.  Pray that each child will fall deeply in love with Jesus!