My trek through life brings a new horizon, a new landscape.

God is guiding me on this seemingly unlikely journey from the world of journalism and newspapers into the world of ministry and missions in my role as VP of communications at KidZ at Heart.

I am excited, awed and challenged by the opportunity to help young people around the globe fall deeply in love with Jesus.

What I learned

One of the most important lessons I carried throughout a long career in newspapers is a simple principle that my dad, Ray Magnuson, encouraged early on: “Make a difference.” No journalism professor or journalism professional ever managed to outsmart that fundamental approach.

Making a difference is why I pursued journalism as a career. Making a difference was the motivation for the work I produced. Making a difference was the aim in interactions and collaborations with colleagues and contacts.

Daily difference

Chief among the wonderful aspects that I loved about working in newspaper journalism were the unique, talented, and, yes, flawed people working together to communicate important stories that we hoped made a difference in the communities we served. At the least, we worked together to communicate something that most of our readers didn’t previously know.

It was always gratifying work, because at the end of every day, I knew that my work was making a difference, even a tiny one, in the world around me.

Newspapers, despite making a difference in their communities for centuries, are struggling to survive. I became a casualty of that struggle recently, having been laid off from my job of 20 years because of budgetary cutbacks.

Around the same time, I met Patrick McWhorter, KidZ at Heart’s CFO, during a men’s Bible study at our church. Pat learned about my potential job loss while being aware that KidZ was rethinking its communications efforts. He spoke with KidZ co-founder Gordon West, and later asked me if I would be interested in a role with KidZ. Gordon soon contacted me.

Hearing the call

Between Patrick’s prompting and a highly engaging conversation with Gordon, the KidZ at Heart mission firmly planted into this ol’ kid’s heart! Shortly after my final days at the newspaper, I began taking these first steps with KidZ.

I look forward to making a difference with my KidZ teammates as we work together to encourage the most important difference in children's lives — knowing and growing in Christ.

God is the difference

Jesus is the most important difference in the lives of all kids of all ages! You and me! He is the driving force, the motivation, the purpose, the wisdom, and the provider of everything.

My wife and top supporter, Julie, agrees that the opportunity to serve our Lord in such a lovely and impacting organization as KidZ is, in a word, divine.

I don’t know what difference I am going to make with KidZ. But knowing that God is the One Who engineers and directs all differences for the good, I know that I am in good hands. To Him be the glory!