The Lord has placed me in the lives of children throughout my life, even when I believed I was meant for other things.  From being one of 5 sisters, having 2 sons, a niece, 2 nephews, running a daycare for 10 years, volunteering in the youth program at church, mentoring homeless teens, loving on children in Haiti, and getting to be a part of the work God is doing through KidZ at Heart International, God has known his plans for me. My heart grows with each opportunity I have been given with all the children I have known. Every one of them is special, but today I want to tell you about Levi, my grandson. Levi entered the world on March 30,2013, capturing my heart almost 7 years ago. We have a bond like no other, he brings a special joy into my life. We have such fun together; his imagination is inspiring. One of my biggest blessings has been watching the light of Jesus come alive in him. I love his questions, watching his mind at work, and how his heart shines. I will cherish the conversations we have about Jesus, many of them initiated by him. I will never forget the one last February that lead him to sit on my lap while we prayed together as he gave his life to Jesus. Another special memory is when we were sitting in church listening to the sermon and I looked over to see he had drawn a cross with Jesus nailed to it with a note “Jesus loves me.” My heart bubbles over as I am blessed to watch his journey and relationship with Jesus grow. God is so good; He is making a masterpiece in the life of my grandson.  My hope is you all have an opportunity to share Jesus with a child and experience how Jesus will use it to transform you as well. Click here to see a fun picture collage Levi

Proverbs 22:6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.