• This fall KidZ at Heart has short-term trips planned for several Asian countries. Our Myanmar team, led by KidZ at Heart board member Craig Omoto, is finalizing dates for either September or October for the third KidZ at Heart trip. Team leader Julie Chee is busy finalizing dates in November for our Thailand team, and we also have a trip to Indonesia scheduled for October. All three teams need team members. Is God calling you to GO?


  • A KidZ at Heart Ukraine team recently returned from the Odessa region in southwest Ukraine. The team was led by KidZ at Heart staff member Becky McAllister. The team trained at 2 churches and the teachers were so thankful for all the training they received. There are discussions about building a Local Training Network in this region. The team arrived safely back into the USA last week.


  • KidZ at Heart teams are scheduled to go back to Moldova, Belarus, and Romania later this year also. All teams are accepting team members. Would you like to join?


  • A KidZ at Heart team is scheduled to return to Karatu, Tanzania June 18th-30th. I'm currently a team member on this trip. This year the team will be returning to teach Modules 3 and 4 for those new attendees from last year and will also be teaching Modules 7 and 8 for those that have gone through Modules 1-6 in previous years. Our team is in need of 1-2 more team members. Contact me if interested.


  • Trainings are expanding in Latin America. In El Salvador, our Local Training Network has four sites where they are training once a month. In June, a team will travel to Saltillo, Mexico to continue training with many different churches in the region. In July, our Honduras team will return with three very exciting trainings. We also have teams preparing and exploring locations in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.