Behold, I make all things new. Revelation 21:5

Of all the things that I will miss about my mother-in-law, (her warm smile, her delicious vegetable soup, her careful preparations when we came to visit, her devotion to Jim’s dad) I believe I will miss her “gasp” the most of all. Whenever she encountered someone she loved, or something happy or funny, or something unexpected, she would “gasp.” And her face would light up with delight! Her “gasp” was one of the most heart warming sounds I have ever heard.

So, when I learned that her time in this world was over and she was encountering the wonders of real life in Heaven, I couldn’t help but imagine that she was “gasping” non-stop! She is hearing the laughter of the Lord and enjoying his company like never before. She is hugging her sister and her momma, whom she lost when she was only 11. She is hearing, “Welcome home!” as she breathes Heaven’s air! Her reasons for gasping will never end. Her reasons for gasping are undeniable—they are right in front of her.

And reasons for gasping are right in front of us, too.

Since the beginning of time our loving God has orchestrated ways to show us his immeasurable love for us and his immeasurable power. Over and over again he continues to unfold demonstrations for us so that we can know that he is God—and he loves us. Think of the things that he has done just since we got up this morning to care for us and provide for us and draw us close to him! We must gasp over his love with delight!

And nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus! (Read that list in Romans 8:38-39.)


I am gasping with delight at what God is doing at KidZ at Heart ...


  • the receptivity of children’s workers at our training in Kentucky last week,
  • our new staff members,
  • the progress on finalizing KidZ Advanced Training -which will be used by national leaders in South Africa this June,
  • our national leaders who are continuing to train others and nurture children around the globe,
  • the chance to partner with a school in Thailand,
  • our additional translators available for work in Russian, Spanish and Arabic.


Nothing can stop what God is doing!


Get ready—he will continue to give us reasons to gasp—with delight!


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