...for God is present in the company of the righteous. Psalm 14:5


In these days of quarantine and separation, social distancing and self isolation how wonderful to have faithful companions! O the blessing of having friends who pray for us and help us focus on truth!

Faithful companions who remind us of sustaining truth - there is one constant companion, one great comfort: God is with us! His companionship satisfies our souls! And sometimes a faithful friend shares the warmth of their fireplace and comforting old poetry with us ...


Jesus Walks With Thee

Are these the days when thou dost gird thyself

And walkest where thou wouldest - battle days,

Crowded and burdened and yet lit with praise,

Days of adventure; eager, glorious choice

Folded in every hour? Rejoice, rejoice,

O happy warrior, if so it be,

For surely thou shalt see

Jesus Himself draw near and walk with thee.


Or doth another gird thee, carry thee

Whither thou wouldest not; and doth a cord

Bind hand and foot and flying thought and word:

An enemy hath done it; even so,

(Though why that power was his thou dost not know)

O happy captive, fettered and yet free,

Believe, believe to see

Jesus Himself draw near and walk with thee.


So either way is blessed; either way

Leadeth unto the Land of Heart's Desire;

Thy great Companion's love can never tire;

He is thy Confidence, He is thy Song;

Let not thy heart be troubled, but be strong,

O happy soul, to whom is given to see

On all the roads that be,

Jesus Himself draw near and walk with thee.

from "Toward Jerusalem" by Amy Carmichael