I’m a hiker. I love getting outside for fresh air and some quiet time in nature with the God who created it all. For me, hiking is good exercise, but it’s more than that. Hiking is a spiritual discipline that helps me keep my eyes on Jesus.

When I hike with someone, I find myself worried about what pace the other person is walking. Am I leaving him behind? Or, more likely, am I holding him back? My eyes are always on the other person … not God. That’s why I like to hike alone. (Yes, with many safety precautions in place!)

During the chaos of this global pandemic, do you wonder who you should be “walking with”? There are lots of voices speaking out about what to do and what not to do. Who should we listen to?

At KidZ at Heart, we believe we need to walk with the founder of our faith -- wherever our journey takes us. God is the Creator of our world, and of us. It’s all a gift from him. We are his beloved, and all wisdom starts with him. All understanding comes from him. While we must be concerned about this virus, our confidence in him has the power to overcome our worries.

I encourage you to walk with him, to look to him, to find courage and security and peace in him. He loves you just as much as he loves the children we are reaching … beyond measure.