What are the hot topics of conversation where you are right now?

These days of being at home together have brought wonderful occasions to talk and listen deeply to one another — and to God. In the KidZ community, conversation often turns to what God is using to draw us closer to himself. His amazing creativity is evidenced in the ways he uses to form each of us into his likeness.

And the KidZ at Home conversations we will be having during the next few weeks promise to be rich times of discussing what God has done — and will do — as we invite children to engage in spiritual disciplines. Every time Gordon West and his co-host, Melissa J. MacDonald, share a conversation with their guests around a spiritual practice, we enjoy an enriching combination of humor, insight and spiritual nurturing.

During May, Becky Dietz will be the guest as we focus on “Radical Love.” (Some people use the word submission for this spiritual practice, so this will be a good talk!) Then we will talk about the habit of study when Vernie Schorr Love joins us for our “Learn God’s Way” conversation. Later, we will give attention to the spiritual discipline of simplicity when we talk about “Content with Enough” with Alan and Gem Fadling. Then the next two weeks will cover “Make Wise Choices” and “Be a Helper” as we talk with Ted Wueste and Debby DeBernardi about the habits of guidance and service.

Can you imagine how wonderfully the lives of children will be impacted as they experience life with God as the Holy Spirit transforms them in those areas? What sweet friendship with God and what rich relationships with others are in store for them!

We invite you to listen to the conversation and ask God how he would have you use what you encounter as you minister to the children in your care — as a ministry leader, a teacher, or a parent. Then, we invite you to download the reproducible Resource Guide and invite the kids in your life to join you as you make room for the Spirit of God to transform them. Feel free to share the resource with other ministry leaders, parents, teachers, and others who influence children.