Much has been said about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, and in turn, on giving. Here at KidZ at Heart, we have run multiple financial scenarios based on how long this virus lasts, how long our ministry teams remain grounded, and how much this pandemic impacts our donor’s ability to give.

While we fully trust God will meet our financial needs, we also know it is wise to be prepared and thoughtful about how to respond to any changes we experience in financial support. So far, giving has remained fairly steady. We are grateful for that, and for the blessing and honor our donors convey when they give, especially during this trying time.

All we can do is ask for your continued support and trust that God will move on people’s hearts to support this work. We respect that there are many important needs out there — ministries looking for your financial help.

If caring for the spiritual nurturing of children continues to be a priority to you, would you consider making an extra gift to KidZ at Heart this month? It will help offset the impact of those who are unable to give, or who are supporting another worthy cause, and will help us to continue inviting children to a deeper relationship with the One who loves us and holds us in his hands.