In early March, just before the whole world essentially shut down, we were able to take an exploratory trip to Guatemala. The trip went very well! We visited with pastors from multiple locations in and around Guatemala City and shared the vision of KidZ at Heart's training. The pastors eagerly welcomed us and shared their hearts for training the Sunday school teachers, leaders, and parents of their congregations and surrounding communities.

Lord willing, we hope to lead a team to Guatemala in the fall of 2020 to kick-off our Transforming KidZ Ministry training. Here are the details:

  • Training in three locations around Guatemala City.
  • Cultural Day in Antigua.
  • Dates: Oct. 29-Nov. 9.
  • Cost: To be determined.

There are so many unknowns right now, in terms of how our world will return to a sense of normal … if ever. We don’t know how international travel will look and feel. We don’t know when countries will open back up. We don’t know who will be affected by this pandemic or in what ways. We pray for God to bring healing — physically, emotionally and spiritually — to all who are being adversely affected during this tragic time.

So we pray and plan, cautiously moving forward in wisdom and faith, completely trusting that God will give us clear direction.

Consequently, we’re holding these plans with an open hand before the Lord. If God wants Transforming KidZ Ministry training in Guatemala City this year, then he will make a way. If we need to wait until 2021 or beyond, we will wait. This is a difficult time to consider going on a trip, but if you think God may be inviting you to go to Guatemala, please let me know. Email me at

Grace and peace,

— Adam Ormord, Chief Program Officer