Recently, I heard the definition of “legacy” as giving to others what God has entrusted us to share … and to do so with his authority. I love that concept! And this month, between our American holidays to honor mothers and fathers, I want to speak to you about helping leaders at church and at home advance their legacies to the next generation.

KidZ at Home is our newest initiative at KidZ at Heart. Currently, we are publishing a 30-minute video discussion and a free downloadable, reproducible resource guide weekly. Both of these tools are designed to be used at church and to be shared with parents and families to use at home. But there is so much more to be done!

In Deuteronomy 6, we are told how a faith community should function. As the “big people” in the community keep their eyes on Jesus and talk openly with the “little people” in the community, children also have their eyes turned to Jesus. Adults who live out their relationship with God in front of children — at church or at home — serve as examples.

Hebrews 12:1 tells us that we are surrounded by witnesses of faith. We ourselves testify, share with his authority, our lives of faith … or not. Knowing our children are watching us gives us good reason to live our lives with excellence and enthusiasm for our love relationship with God.

We stepped out on faith to start this project when COVID-19 shut down our face-to-face training events. And the responses have been enthusiastic! Church leaders are using these materials to lead children at church, and parents are using them at home … all to pass on their legacy to our children.

But long after the world returns to whatever life looks like in the future, parents will still be the primary nurturers of a legacy of faith. And during June, KidZ at Heart is asking for your help equipping parents for this critical work by giving to expand the work of KidZ at Home.

With your investment, we will take these next steps:

  • Continue our weekly discussions and resource guides to a full suite of 24 releases, each focused on bringing spiritual practices to children … and their leaders and parents.
  • Gather these materials into a family devotional book that parents can use at home.
  • Incorporate KidZ at Home into our current global trainings, equipping church leaders to better equip parents to nurture their own children and pass on their own legacies.
  • Translate all of these materials into multiple languages (10 to start) for better access by families globally.
  • Launch app and podcast platforms to move these discussions into the hands of parents right on their own phones.

To do this work, we need to raise $50,000 during the month of June. And a small group of friends so believe in the work KidZ at Home is doing that they have already pledged the first $27,500 (55%). Their desire is to challenge you to double their gifts with your own. (At publication of this newsletter, we are already at $29,236, or 58% of the total.)  

Please know that we understand, and our hearts go out to you if the pandemic has damaged you financially and you cannot give at this time. If that is your situation, we are praying for you and ask that you support this campaign and families around the world through your prayers.

But if you can give a gift, now is the time to do so (through June 30), when your gift will be doubled, and you will be helping get KidZ at Home into the hands of more church and home leaders, so that more children can fall deeply in love with Jesus. Simply go to our home page to find a “Give Now” link.

 Please give today, as we pass a legacy of faith to the next generation!