To Be Continued …

Lynnette Stander, our Regional Director for South Africa, shares some wonderful pictures of training at the beginning of 2020. Due to the lockdown, Lynnette and her team have not been able to continue in-person training since March. After a great start to the year, it has been hard to put the training on hold.

“We started the year with training in five venues, with the two extremes 1,000 miles apart,” Lynnette said. “Three of these locations are first-time training. There is great feedback, with everybody just waiting for the lockdown to pass so that they can continue.”

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support for Lynnette and her team in South Africa. Pray for her to be able to stay connected to her team of trainers, as well as the participants who are all waiting for training to resume. Also, pray for our National Coordinators in Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya, and also for our local hosts in various African countries.