A Bold Step

For the past many weeks, 59 million American children have been out of school and out of church. At KidZ at Heart, we heard God asking us to address the needs of these families as they have sought to “make the best” of this global pandemic. 

Our team responded to that call almost overnight and created our newest initiative: KidZ at Home: Nurturing Children to Love God with All Their Heart, a resource designed to equip church leaders to train parents to engage in meaningful spiritual practices for themselves and to share them with their own children. 

It is the child’s home that is most significant in shaping the child’s heart for God and others. Now that some regions are beginning to open up, we recognized that parents continue to be the primary nurturers — even after our routines return! 

So we launched our spring funding campaign to raise $50,000 to bring KidZ at Home to more families in more countries. And a small group of friends agreed with this need and started us with 55%, or $27,500, to challenge others to invest in families around the world. If you are in a place to help, please consider making a special gift to double this fund by going to www.kidzatheart.org to give now and to see an update on our progress.