What do you do when the tools you use for work are broken? My response has been – ughh, really?!?, no!!!, what can I do without a laptop? And lots of other emotions! It is time to replace my smart phone but I am slow in doing so; in the meantime I hope that I am not missing messages. Praise - I have been blessed to receive funds for this purchase. Last week I was starting to feel more ready to start on a steady pace of doing in my role when Thursday afternoon my computer ‘quit.’ So this week my laptop will have the chance to take a free trip to the repair center. Again I am grateful for the warranty period and the gracious use of a borrowed computer this week, as well as recently backed up files. I know a phone and laptop are only tools that I often take for granted when they work, but it is a little scary how much they are relied on for my job! Pray for me to continue to thank God for the tools given, to rely on Him more than the tools, and wisdom in the purchase of a new phone and care of a fixed laptop.

“’O Lord, there is none like you to help, between the mighty and the weak. Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on you, and in your name we have come…” II Chronicles 14:11 (ESV)

Praise & Prayers for me –

  • It has been a full month of learning and stepping forward in my new role! It has gone smoothly and I’m feeling good as I connect with those on the North American team and get a glimpse of what I will be overseeing. Last week I was able to work through the applications for us to request attending CPC (Children’s Pastor Conference) scheduled for January. I also had a zoom call with one of our training hosts two weeks ago, and likely with two others this week. Continued prayers always appreciated as I keep learning and adjusting to the daily/weekly rhythm of this role. One prayer is to soon have time to think and pray and dream of what is ahead for the North American department and then to have clarity and creativity of how to get from here to there with God’s leading.
  • Praise that the sharing of my presentation with all the KidZ faith-based staff went well about a month ago. I will get to do it again because we didn’t record it that day! I continue to pray with the handful of those still in the midst of full support-raising focus to be confidence in God’s calling them and the provision He will bring through many others.
  • I am about 10 miles away from what transpired in Minneapolis two weeks ago and remained safe. My biggest response to the latest wave of unrest is that we each be on our knees. Only God is the one to change hearts (mine included) and transform lives and societies!
  • This week is the first in a long time that I have anticipated times with friends on multiple evenings! This is an answer to a prayer to find chances to build in relationships and friendships though we are still separated. Church opens for corporate worship on Father’s Day weekend – it will be good to worship together! I did enjoy Memorial Day weekend in Sioux Falls with my parents! Ongoing request is that I will desire and seek to always be building my relationship with Jesus, whether in good or hard times.

Praise & Prayers for you –

  • My prayer for you: Sovereign Lord, for my brothers and sisters I pray. I thank You for each of them as they love You and are seeking Your face when everything in life can be confusing and unsettling. May You give them unspeakable joy and peace that passes all understanding that will be a witness to their souls that You are the provider and sustainer of life. Give them a thirst and hunger that can only be satisfied by You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“…as you wait for the revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will sustain you to the end…” I Cor. 1:7-8 (ESV)

Opportunity for you –

  • Corporate prayer and praise time with me and other prayer partners! Tuesday, July 28, from 7:00pm-7:40pm (CST). Connection details will be sent out to closer prayer time (or can be requested).