As an independent, non-profit mission agency registered as a 501(c)(3) corporation in the state of Arizona (United States), KidZ at Heart International maintains an independent governing Board of Directors made up of individuals who are passionate about reaching kids around the world for Christ. This Board is comprised of individuals with strengths in a variety of areas necessary for the successful completion of our ministry, including children's ministry, teacher training, education, spiritual formation, missions, Christian leadership, administration, business and finance.

Rick Whitaker
San Diego, CA

KidZ Board: Chairman
Profession: Certified Public Accountant
Accounting Solutions, Inc.

Joe DuPay KidZ at Heart Board of Directors

Joe DuPay
Brooklyn Park, MN

KidZ Board: Vice Chairman
Profession: Vice President of Research, Development & Operations

Craig Omoto
Shoreline, WA

KidZ Board: Treasurer
Profession: Retired Corporate and Municipal Finance Manager

Larry Tiffan KidZ at Heart Board of Directors

Larry Tiffan
Mesa, AZ

KidZ Board: Secretary
Profession: Business Leadership Consultant

Gordon West
Mesa, AZ

KidZ Board: KidZ at Heart President/CEO
Profession: President/CEO
KidZ at Heart

Debby DeBernardi KidZ at Heart Board of Directors

Debby DeBernardi
Ahwatukee, AZ

KidZ Board: Spiritual Formation Director
Profession: Retired Director of Christian Formation
Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church

Scottie May
Wheaton, IL

KidZ Board: Member
Profession: Retired Associate Professor of Christian Formation and Ministry
Wheaton College

Bob Rundio KidZ at Heart Board of Directors

Bob Rundio
Mesa, AZ

KidZ Board: Member
Profession: Retired CEO
Banner Baywood Medical Center

Curt Swindoll
Plano, TX

KidZ Board: Member
Profession: President
Grafted Life Ministries

Nancy Tichy
Homeland, CA

KidZ Board: Member
Profession: Digital Content Writer and Editor
KidZ at Heart

Michael Washington
Chicago, IL

KidZ Board: Member
Profession: Chaplain and Clinical Pastoral Educator
Northwestern Memorial Hospital