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Working in the Waiting

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Waiting for God to work is not like waiting for the bus.  When you wait for the bus, you know when it will arrive (or at least when it should arrive), and all you need to do to prepare for it is sit at the bus stop and wait.  Waiting for the bus requires no work, no personal growth, no deeper understanding of the bus schedule, just a simple faith that the bus will arrive when it says that it will.

Waiting for God to work [...]

Gratitude Means Remembering

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In Joshua chapter 4, as the people of Israel are crossing the Jordan River into the promised land, God instructs them to place twelve stones by the river where they crossed to commemorate the event, so that the story of what God had done would be told to future generations.  In a way, all of Scripture functions as a monument to the character and works of God.  As we read, we are compelled to remember the ways that He has worked in the past, and [...]

Why KidZ at Heart?

By |2019-11-20T20:05:25-05:00November 20, 2019|Allison Gibson: Blog Posts|

I’ve never had a particular desire to go into children’s ministry, so it was surprising to everyone (especially me) that the ministry that I ended up joining has children’s ministry training as its primary focus.  Beyond the basic appeal of doing video and internet work that I find enjoyable, there were a few things about KidZ at Heart as an organization that made me excited about it.

Initially, I remembered my own upbringing in a Christian home, and [...]