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North America / News & Views (July 2020)

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Are you ready for connecting in person with people, places, and events? If you are like me, you might say, “I’m ready! When are we going?” Many of us are ready to run, go, see, do! Yet we still are waiting for the chance to do so, whether due to earthly restraints or God’s design.

The participants from the Transforming KidZ Ministry events in February (Barrhead, Canada) and March (Morehead, Kentucky) are eagerly anticipating and waiting for the next set of modules [...]

Latin America / News & Views (July 2020)

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Pandemic Impact in Honduras

Every year that a team has come to visit us, we prepare months ahead and welcome them to our beloved country, Honduras.

Before the team arrives, we get together to discuss several things that our members in the United States and Honduras need to do and know. Budgets, agendas, meetings, and discussions take place during those months that help us be prepared for the upcoming team.

Europe / News & Views (July 2020)

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We sent teams in 2019 to four countries in Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, and Romania. In 2020, we were eager to finish all of our modules in the Transforming KidZ Ministry Teacher Certificate in Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. The pandemic placed these plans on hold, and we are seeking God’s direction for when to continue. 

The excitement to finish these modules is not just because we would be “finished.”  Actually, we would just be getting started in the launch phase of [...]

Asia / News & Views (July 2020)

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By the time of this update, we will have completed our first online training in Nepal. Our in-person training events have been put on hold while the world continues to respond to the pandemic. Sher Lama, the National Coordinator for Nepal, is excited to bring Module One of our Transforming KidZ Ministry training to many eager Sunday school teachers who have been anticipating going through the Teacher Certificate program.

In preparation for online training, Sher and Lee Ruud (Regional Director [...]

Africa / News & Views (July 2020)

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It has been several months since Transforming KidZ Ministry training has been able to occur in any formal way throughout African countries. We are busy helping our National Coordinators and Regional Directors prepare to do online training as a substitute for our in-person training. Please pray for opportunities to do digital training as well as for maximum effectiveness until we can resume meeting face to face.

Here is an update from Edwin Mutai, our National Training Network Coordinator for Kenya: 

KidZ at Home / News & Views (July 2020)

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Conversations and Resources

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love.
— 1 John 4:16

Great change and disruption have made it hard to plan. But disorienting times can motivate us to re-examine and recommit to our foundational plans and purposes.  

There can be no greater purpose than to participate in God’s eternal plan to display his measureless love. KidZ at Home resources are [...]

Prayer / News & Views (July 2020)

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  • Edwin Mutai, National Training Network Coordinator for Kenya, needs to train three teachers, which is difficult during this time. Edwin’s wife, Angella, is quarantined with her parents in Uganda and trying to get back home. Pray for Edwin’s needs.
  • Many Kenyan families are unable to feed their children, as many businesses are no longer open. Ask for God’s provision for these families.
  • People are ready to join a team to head to Tanzania in 2021, but COVID-19 vaccines [...]

Your Gift / News & Views (July 2020)

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Our hearts are overflowing with joy! KidZ at Heart is celebrating God's wonderful goodness!

God's provision of your generous support — prayers, kind words, and your financial contributions — has helped us meet and surpass our $60,000 goal to expand the impact of KidZ at Home.

As a result, we will be able to:

  • Translate KidZ at Home into multiple languages.
  • Adapt KidZ at Home into a family devotional.

Grafted Life webinar

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Every church ministry has been affected by COVID-19, especially children’s programs. Church leaders are busy trying to stay connected with their congregants of all ages while the requirements for meeting and social distancing continue to shift and change.

How might God be using this time to challenge us to rethink our ministry?

If you would like to explore this question, our friends at Grafted Life Ministries are offering a webinar: "A Model for Rebooting Your Church," led by [...]

News & Views: Latin America (June 2020)

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It was 10 p.m. Friday in Ohio, and I was looking forward to falling asleep to something obscure and unimportant on television. God had other plans for me.

As the newly appointed leader of Latin America for KidZ at Heart, I was asked to join a group of leaders and trainers in El Salvador for their Friday evening session of Hearing God Through Scripture, a spiritual practice that we incorporate in Transforming [...]