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A Case for ‘Both – And’

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I have many identities – wife, mother, writer – but always, underlying these roles has been the identity of teacher. Furthermore, I was blessed to be born female in a culture that graces women’s lives with opportunities to explore roles beyond the narrow confines often assigned to our gender elsewhere. I was blessed with strong mentors who both taught me about Jesus and exemplified what it means to follow him by the obedience of faith. (Romans 1:5) Information led to transformation.

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Nancy Tichy Newsletter ~ April 2020

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Some call it “lock down.”  In many respects, however, I’ve experienced a great freedom having time to read and take long naps among other activities. I’ve been sheltered at home since the latter part of February, and with the invasion of COVID-19 almost all human contact has been virtual.

For instance, I joined with 25 others recently...(click to read more)

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Nancy Tichy Newsletter ~ March 2020

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You might say it’s a matter of genetics. My mother and my paternal grandmother were both published writers. It was a hobby for Grandmother Schroeder, but my mother was possibly more serious about finding a career in writing than she was about anything or anyone else. My propensity for writing surfaced before I left grade school.  Rather than making this a career choice, however, I moved into the realm of teaching, primarily influenced by an incredible, high school English teacher, Miss Gatzweiler.

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Nancy Tichy

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Nancy Tichy works out of her home office in Homeland, Southern California. She and her late husband, Frank, moved here in the late 80’s when they returned from 21 years in West Africa as missionary teachers.

After several years of serving on the KidZ At Heart Board, Nancy joined the KidZ staff to work in the Next Gen department as a Visioneer in 2011. Her primary focus is to write for the KidZ Kan for Families monthly e-magazine along [...]