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Shannon Nyange Mobilizer (Africa) Kampala, Uganda

Shannon’s September 2020 Prayer Letter

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Here's what's going on with KidZ at Heart in the Ukraine also.

Viktor and Tatiana live in southwest Ukraine. They have been a part of our training in this region since 2017.

Both of them minister to children in Reni, a small town that has seen many difficulties because of the pandemic, including the port’s closure. Many workers have left Reni to look for jobs in other countries.

During this time of uncertainty, Viktor and Tatiana continue ministering to the children in their town, using all that God [...]

Shannon’s August 2020 Prayer Letter

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At KidZ at Heart International we train people in the spiritual formation of children. 2 Timothy 2:2 

We partner with organizations and people who are in and from the culture. John 4: 1-42

We mobilize those we have trained to, in turn, train others in nurturing children. Luke 10: 1-2

I'm thankful and excited to be part of this amazing ministry! Thank you for all your prayer and financial support.

Blessings in Christ,




Shannon’s July 2020 Newsletter

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I've been reading a book and doing a Bible Study with the KidZ at Heart staff recently. The book is called "With" by Skye Jethani. It's about how we relate to God and it's been very eye-opening for me. It talks about four ways that most people relate to God and how most people are ultimately unsatisfied with these four approaches. Life From God, Life Over God, Life For God, and Life Under God. When really we should be living life WITH God. This week we focused on the chapter about Life From God and here's just [...]

Shannon’s April KidZ at Heart Newsletter

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God is with us.  All wisdom starts with Him and all understanding comes from Him. He is the founder of our faith. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, worried or sad let's remember to take a deep breathe and say to ourselves BUT God. Without God this would feel like a hopeless time. BUT God is our hope. God is the founder of our faith. He's a good God and He will carry us through. 

Shannon’s March 2020 KidZ at Heart Newsletter

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  • This fall KidZ at Heart has short-term trips planned for several Asian countries. Our Myanmar team, led by KidZ at Heart board member Craig Omoto, is finalizing dates for either September or October for the third KidZ at Heart trip. Team leader Julie Chee is busy finalizing dates in November for our Thailand team, and we also have a trip to Indonesia scheduled for October. All three teams need team members. Is God calling you to GO?


  • A KidZ at Heart Ukraine team recently [...]

Tanzania June 2020 Trip

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In Karatu we will be teaching Modules 3 and 4 to new participants and Modules 7 and 8 for those completing their Basic Teacher Certification with KidZ at Heart. The teachers and pastors are always so encouraged by these trainings that equip them to lead children to Christ and fall more deeply in love with Him. We are in need of 1-2 more people to join this trip ASAP. If you are interested or know of anyone interested please do get in touch via

It [...]

Shannon’s January 2020 KidZ at Heart Newsletter – Tanzania 2020 Trip

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The KidZ at Heart Tanzania 2020 trip is scheduled for June 4th-16th. A team will be traveling to Karatu, Tanzania for a third year to offer children's ministry training to local Sunday school teachers and pastors. Participants that attended the previous years trainings will be completing Modules 7 and 8 of the Basic Teacher Certification Program. The team will also be teaching Modules 3 and 4 for new participants. Kathleen Griffin will be leading the team and we are currently accepting team member applications for [...]